So long, Ubuntu

I installed the latest distro of ubuntu and very quickly regretted it. I instantly began getting system errors, my screen started flashing black, and the update manager was not working correctly. I did some research to see what I can do to fix these problems and it turns out the ubuntu developers have taken the OS to a… strange direction. Why they made the changes they have fore this update makes no sense to me.

I’ve been an ubuntu user for many years but since their cloud service has been laid to rest I’ve found myself using my Windows partition more and more. However, when I am not playing LOTRO or other games on Windows I want a fast, responsive, and neat OS. So I have installed Fedora 20 and am loving it. Happy to start the new semester with a nice new OS. I may go back to ubuntu in the future if they fix the crazy web of problems they have created with Trusty Tahr. I might make a post for myself (and maybe my cousin who is getting a new system soon) in the future with all of the basic-get-you-system-ready steps to take when you first install Fedora. For now I have to get to packing for our move and get started on this week’s SQL homework.


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