Crochet is Freeing

So I sold my crochet hooks last year before we moved. I hardly ever used them and decided that I would just be a knitter. After a year of only knitting I have found that while I prefer knitting over crochet, there are many things that crochet is simply better for. I prefer knitting for three reasons: I do not have to look at the stitches (meaning I can do while reading or watching something), I do not have to count the stitches after each row, and my project stays together in the bag better. While crocheting does require me to keep my eyes on my work more, and any “pair” projects never turn out the same size for me, it is so freeing. You can build up in any direction you want. It is also easier to fix mistakes.

So I took my hobby lobby gift card I received for Mother’s day and bought myself another set of hooks. I’m currently working on a bag for my yoga mat, and really enjoying just creating with no plan. I have been knitting and crocheting for so many years that I am finally to the point where I can really begin making my own patterns that actually turn out well. I’ve gained new confidence in the mastery of my fiber-art skills.


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