I’ve seen many people in the planner groups ask for ideas on archiving inserts. I thought I would share my process. When my planner begins getting to full I will go through and take out the inserts I no longer need in it. Then I sort through and any that I do not want to save I throw away. What I want to save I store in a small file portfolio that I got from Target dollar spot. It includes label stickers for all of the separate pockets and is ideal for inserts. They have many designs and colors; these are also changed with the rest of the dollar spot inventory.

Back when I was using monthly calendars instead of a bullet journal system in my Filofax I would save all of my months and weeks in separate pockets. However, since I’ve made the change I keep them all together. The monthly list acts as a divider for that month’s daily lists. Therefore, I have begun storing them all in a single pocket labeled ‘Spent’.
I also store spare inserts, notepads, and blank inserts in this folder. Eventually I will probably purchase another one and use one for notepads, stickers, dividers, and page flags; while using the other for spent/spare inserts. Among my pockets I currently have the following labels: spent, journal, extra, diary, inserts. I use the very front for notepads and the far back for stickers and dividers.

The possibilities for these little file folders are endless. If you’re a person that has a lot of spent inserts you could even use a folder per year for archiving. A bit of washi on the side with the label of what is contained in the folder would allow for efficient storage and retrieval. These fit nicely in to drawers and on bookshelves, while adding even more aesthetics to your planner area. How do you archive?


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