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Coffee Cozy Trio

Need a last minute Christmas gift? Looking for a more sustainable coffee sleeve? Dress up your cup! This is a super easy project that only takes about 20 minutes to complete. To jazz them up you can sew on buttons, motifs, or patches. The possibilities are endless!

Worsted weight yarn of natural fiber (cotton, wool, jute twine, etc.)
5mm Crochet Hook
Survival kit

Cast On 28 stitches, join (careful not to twist)
R1) Sc around, do not join, place marker
R2) Hdc around in ** loop (see stitch section for A, B, or C)
R3-5) Hdc around ** loop
R6) Increase, hdc 13, increase, hdc to end
R7) Hdc around, bind off, weave in ends
Optional: Add a cute edging for round 8. Scallops, puffs, or even some kitty ears!
A – Hdc in both loops
B – Hdc in loop just behind the back loop
C – Hdc in back loop only




3 Hour Shawl: Crochet

I’ve searched far and wide for a shawl pattern that is fast, pretty, and uses minimal yarn. I learned how to do the corner to corner (c2c) stitch from Youtube. The Crochet Corner To Corner Afghan Project video tutorial from The Crochet Crowd. I used c2c for some lovies in the past few months and realized how incredibly fast this stitch worked up. Of course I hit Walmart up for the black Friday yarn sale and got a few giant skeins of Red Heart With Love (370 yards). My grandmother’s birthday is coming up and I had just purchased a jumbo hook. The results were wonderful! I finished this up in three hours. This is a great gift for any occasion but this luscious red would be wonderful for Valentine’s Day!

You can use a shawl pin, button, ribbon, or lace for closure if you’d like!

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Cheap Starter Kit for Planning ($10 RAK)

My sister has recently come to a place in her life where she is in desperate need of a planner. Unsure if she would actually use it or not I spent just a few dollars on a nice little starter package for her. I picked up a $3 mini binder from Target along with their weekly/monthly inserts (the package includes tabs). I printed some ruled paper and stamped/hand wrote some list, home, and info inserts. I purchased her a $1 tape runner from Michael’s, made her a few folders, and created a dashboard with page flags and sticky notes attached. I also made a pocket folder, printed some stickers, and included some washi samples. Perhaps the simplest part of it all that really gives a nice touch is the elastic with the added button for cute functionality. All together it cost about $10. I’m very satisfied with it and hope she is too! Her are some photos:

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