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Marley loves the water bottle holder I crocheted for her. Now when we take walks she can carry her own drink! From the book Crochet One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant.


Everyone is always in shock at how much Marley can do for her age. The only reason she can speak so well and do so much is because we start everything early! We challenge her to challenge herself. It gives her drive to be independent and want to learn new things. Even if a game is not meant for a young child (2.5 here), it can be modified so they can participate too. Here she is playing Uno, but we also play many others. From dominoes and matching games to candy-land and war. You’re never too young to play!


After watching this video I made this page marker as a gift. Will definitely be making a Totoro one like it for my own purposes. A cat would be super cute too!

Finished up my freehand crochet yoga mat bag! It’s big enough for both of our mats. Turned out great!

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