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Upcycled Shirt Treat Bag

One more day until Boo At The Zoo and we realized we didn’t have treat bags for the twins. I have made myself so many of these upcycled t-shirt bags but have never made a tutorial for them. This is a super simple project that is great for kids who can handle scissors well. These little guys can stretch out and the handles are great for tying closed. They are strong, stretchy, and very portable. These bags are a great way to re-use that old Metallica T-Shirt from yesteryear… (Dad, I’m talking to you!) Here is a tutorial for turning that old favorite into a functional accessory! These are mini treat bags for pint-sized looters, but you could make them any size!

To begin you want to cut the sleeves and collar of the shirt. It doesn’t have to be perfect. If there is a little extra seam when you’re done just snip that off too. Next you’ll cut two notches in the very bottom of the shirt where the seam is. This creates a tube for closing.

Upcycled bag, trick-or-treat, trick or treat, upcycled tshirt, halloween, treat bag, upcycled t-shirt,

Photo: White Mage Knits

Upcycled bag, trick-or-treat, trick or treat, upcycled tshirt, halloween, treat bag, upcycled t-shirt,

Photo: White Mage Knits

Now, turn your shirt inside out. Take some string (I used cotton yarn for strength) and thread it through the tube with a safety pin, darning needle, or bobby pin. Go in one notch, all the way through, back in the second notch, and come out next to where you went in. Pull tight, tie a knot, then wrap both strings around to make a bulge at the bottom of the bag, tie a bunch of knots. This makes sure there is no hole and adds weight to the bottom of the bag so it isn’t so floppy. If you don’t like how this looks you can actually sew the bottom instead. You could even add a lining if you want. I made these purely for utility so behold my unruly bulge closure, beautiful right?

Note: If sewing I usually sew the shirt flat across the bottom using a zig-zag stitch.

Upcycled bag, trick-or-treat, trick or treat, upcycled tshirt, halloween, treat bag, upcycled t-shirt,

Photo: White Mage Knits

Finally, turn the bag right side out and give the bottom a good pull in all directions to get as much of the shirt out of the string bulge as you can. Give your straps a little tug to finish your edges (some roll, some don’t). Viola! Your very own upcycled shirt bag! Have you made a shirt bag? If so leave a photo in the comments! Happy Halloween my crafty friends!

Made a couple sets of these felt rice hand-warmers to give out this Christmas. Just cut some rectangles, embroidered initials on the bottom, and sewed them up with a blanket stitch, stuffing with rice.

Quick craft update & poor photographs

My daughter is turning 2 in just a few days and I have been sewing away as often as possible for a few weeks now. I finished these up five or so days ago but decided to take some quick pictures before wrapping them up. Some I made the patterns for myself, some  printed from Google images, and some I winged it on. I will do a video on the subject soon (after Marley opens them) and provide sources for the patterns I printed both here and in the description.

The pattern for the strawberries I did myself. I looked at many photos for inspiration but pretty much followed the process shown here. I found the photo collage of the process on Google images when searching “felt strawberries”.

The pattern for the pancakes I printed this image. The page can be found here. I opened this template in paint, cut out the ones I didn’t want to do, and printed the ones I did all on one page. I try to save paper and ink as much as possible!

For the bread I looked at a a bunch of templates but ended up taking the bread part of this one and adding it to the breakfast one. The page for this sandwich post can be found here. Looking at her post it looks like she did her stitching outside (I did mine inside and flipped it) so our end products look a little different.

The banana pattern I drew my own template for. This was my first felt food item I made. I had looked at a bunch of different ways to do them on my tablet. I was tired and too lazy to go to the computer and find/print a template so I just drew up my own on the back of a botched Christmas card. You just make a rounded diamond shape, cut 3 white and 3 yellow. I wanted to add a small dark brown circle to the bottom but I never made it to the store to get the felt. I sewed two of the peel parts down and left one up. The hardest part was shoving the banana into the peel. There are many more realistic ones I saw online but I was going for simple.

For the ice cream cone (which was my favorite) I used this template. I did not cut any Velcro, and ended up cutting the circle for the scoop much larger. First I embroidered the detail on the cone, then sewed the top to it and stuffed it. Then I threaded around the outside of the scoop circle, pulled it tight, stuffed it, then sewed it to the scoop bottom (it’s referred to as edge in the pattern and I’m unsure how she did it but I only cut one and didn’t cut out the inner circle). My sewing is never neat or tidy, I probably nearly broke my needle threading it in and out of the ball and the bottom piece over and over. I tied it to secure, then did the same thing (messily sewing round and round) stitching the ice cream to the cone. When I was satisfied with the way it looked I tied it off.

The template for the eggs came from the same place as the pancakes. [See above] However, this one would be the easiest to free-hand!

Lastly, the sandwich toppings. The cheese, lettuce, peanut butter, and jelly all came from this template here. I had to cut two pieces for the peanut butter and sew them together because the only felt I could find in the right color had leopard print on the back of it.

So there you have it! They look so much better in real life! When I record and post the video of all of them I will post the link here. I love hand-sewing and these food items were so much fun to make! I would be sewing more if I weren’t so busy. Happy crafting!

Homemade Felt Easter Basket Pattern

There were a number of felt Easter baskets, pails, and bags at the store we could have bought for Marley. However, all of them were very cheap looking, and most of them made with hot glue and pre-cut shapes. They also were very hard, which wouldn’t have been good for felting shapes on later. So I decided to make Marley a basket out of some purple felt I had at home. I used a simple pattern I made myself, feel free to use it however you would like! Here is what you will need:

  • Yunie’s Felt Easter Basket Pattern
  • Some stabilizer (batting or cardboard)
  • Needle and thread
  • Trim, ribbon, fabric scraps, or any other material for the handle
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Pins
Draw out your pattern on paper, or just free-hand on the fabric. I used a plate for the bottom, and measured the radius of the circle. Then I cut out the circle and square for the side, and used those as reference for the other two so I didn’t have to trace twice.
Next, cut out your stabilizer slightly smaller than your bottom circle (to allow for seam), and as tall as you want for your sides (I wanted the basket to be sort of floppy/flimsy so I cut my sides just over half the width of the fabric). Remember, this will be hidden so you can use anything, I used a soda can box and Easter cake box. I would use two pieces for the bottom, to make it very stable.
Line up your pieces, pin them with the cardboard inside, and sew. I used a blanket stitch for the bottom, and just a regular running stitch for the rest. You can see the stitches because I didn’t have any purple thread, but I kind of like that (I often.mismatch my thread from fabric because I like the home-made look it gives).
Sew trim on top, and any other embellishments you’d like to add. Braid the fabric for your handle and stitch it to the sides (inside) of the basket. Extra stitches here, it needs to be strong! Here are some photos of the finished product. I plan to felt a bunny, egg, and some other things to it in the future.

I also made this small box with some needle felting on the top as a mother’s day gift for my aunt.(hopefully she doesn’t read this)! It was made the same way, only with one layer on the sides and two on the bottom. The button has no functionality, it is just pretty. I used it as a pin/thread catcher last night when repairing my boyfriend’s pants on the sewing machine. She recently started using a machine so hopefully it will be useful for her! You could put anything in it though (jewelry, hairpins, or even candies)!

Never stitched? Say whaaa?!

So many women my age do not know how to sew. I do not understand why this is. If you can’t sew what do you do with faulty seams in garments? What do you do if your button falls off or you rip a hole in your favorite dress? Mending is not the only useful thing for sewing. Behold my 10 reasons why you should learn to sew:

  • Mending/repairing clothing
  • Altering clothing
  • Gifts for loved ones
  • Creative expression
  • Relaxing
  • Loads of fun!
  • Diy any garment, bag, household item, decor, and any other cloth thing you don’t have the money to purchase
  • Diy toys, clothes, bibs, and accessories for children
  • Reduce, reuse, and upcycle
  • Save money

It is just logical! Women have rights and work now; but that’s no reason to ignore our “jobs” as the foundation of a household! I would be lost without this simple skill.

DIY Babylegs

I came across these adorable little legwarmers made by babylegs at a local nursery store but didn’t want to pay $10-15 for them. Instead I went to Target and bought a few pairs of knee socks on clearance for $1.25 each and off I went to stitch! I followed the instructions found here. The only modification I made was cutting straight across at the curved toe. Marley absolutely loves her new little leg warmers. I have gotten two pairs done so far. They whip up in no time!

These are great for cloth diapered babies. If they spring a tiny leak that leaves a spot the size of a fingertip you don’t have to change their pants. Plus they match the cute colors of cloth diapers greatly!