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So long, Filofax

Like many “planner girls” I used to see a photo or video featuring a beautiful Filofax Malden and swoon. I’ve went through three personal sized ring binders. The first was a simple brown Day Runner Harmony. The second was a Valentine’s Day gift, a Filofax Saffiano in Raspberry. The third purchase was that lovely hunk of supple plum-colored leather, the unicorn they call the Malden… Yes, this planner was beautiful. It had all of the pockets I wanted in a planner, a long strap, large rings, and felt like heaven. Yeah, she was beautiful; but she didn’t mean a thing to me. (Death Cab For Cutie) Continue reading


Cheap Starter Kit for Planning ($10 RAK)

My sister has recently come to a place in her life where she is in desperate need of a planner. Unsure if she would actually use it or not I spent just a few dollars on a nice little starter package for her. I picked up a $3 mini binder from Target along with their weekly/monthly inserts (the package includes tabs). I printed some ruled paper and stamped/hand wrote some list, home, and info inserts. I purchased her a $1 tape runner from Michael’s, made her a few folders, and created a dashboard with page flags and sticky notes attached. I also made a pocket folder, printed some stickers, and included some washi samples. Perhaps the simplest part of it all that really gives a nice touch is the elastic with the added button for cute functionality. All together it cost about $10. I’m very satisfied with it and hope she is too! Her are some photos:

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Time Management Tips

Everyone has a limited amount of time. No matter if you are a business owner, stay at home parent, or a student; everyone has tasks that need completed. You may find a large task overwhelming, forget about the tasks, or have a difficult time staying motivated. Learning some time management skills can greatly improve your productivity while reducing your stress level. Here are some of the essential time management tips I’ve learned and implemented over the years:

  1. Assess. Take a few days to observe the things you do. Which tasks are helping you be productive? Which tasks are you losing time on? What steps do you take to ensure efficiency and productivity? Which extra steps are you taking that may be holding you back?
  2. Prioritize. It is literally impossible to get everything done. When choosing what tasks to keep at the top of your list consider two things: Is this essential to success of the project? Does this task spark joy? The goal is to pick out the most important and vital tasks while releasing the commitment and stress of the others. Remember, fun tasks that will spark joy are essential to happiness too. You can’t be a slave to your work and responsibilities without taking time to do things you enjoy.
  3. Document. There are many options including digital software/apps, specialty planners, and good old fashioned pen and paper. You can see my post on different planner types (here). The important thing is that you document scheduled appointments, blocks of time for tasks, and to-do lists.
  4. Be preemptive. Set aside time daily, weekly, and monthly to plan your upcoming tasks and events. Take time to look at your daily and weekly to-do list. Remember to allot extra time for interruptions. Work ahead if possible.
  5. Stop multitasking. This was the most difficult one for me, but also the most important one. By only focusing on a single task you save the time it takes to remember where you were in the other task when switching back and forth. The human brain is much more efficient when focusing on a single task versus multitasking, more on that here.

It is easy to take control of your time. Take a look at your habits and see what needs work. Prioritize your time based on the most essential and joyful tasks. Break tasks down, schedule, and make lists. Plan ahead, allot time for interruptions or emergencies, and focus on a single task. How do you manage your time?


I’ve seen many people in the planner groups ask for ideas on archiving inserts. I thought I would share my process. When my planner begins getting to full I will go through and take out the inserts I no longer need in it. Then I sort through and any that I do not want to save I throw away. What I want to save I store in a small file portfolio that I got from Target dollar spot. It includes label stickers for all of the separate pockets and is ideal for inserts. They have many designs and colors; these are also changed with the rest of the dollar spot inventory.

Back when I was using monthly calendars instead of a bullet journal system in my Filofax I would save all of my months and weeks in separate pockets. However, since I’ve made the change I keep them all together. The monthly list acts as a divider for that month’s daily lists. Therefore, I have begun storing them all in a single pocket labeled ‘Spent’.
I also store spare inserts, notepads, and blank inserts in this folder. Eventually I will probably purchase another one and use one for notepads, stickers, dividers, and page flags; while using the other for spent/spare inserts. Among my pockets I currently have the following labels: spent, journal, extra, diary, inserts. I use the very front for notepads and the far back for stickers and dividers.

The possibilities for these little file folders are endless. If you’re a person that has a lot of spent inserts you could even use a folder per year for archiving. A bit of washi on the side with the label of what is contained in the folder would allow for efficient storage and retrieval. These fit nicely in to drawers and on bookshelves, while adding even more aesthetics to your planner area. How do you archive?

Finally have a multi pen with my planner colors that fits in my elastic pen loop! It’s a bic $3 at Target!

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Favorite Facebook planner group!

I never really used Facebook groups the last time I had Facebook; but I’m seeing the benefits. Not only do they give me easier and better comm time than forums, but they are a way for me to share information and help others as I do with my blog. Here is my favorite planner group:

Planners, Journals, and everything in between

After watching this video I made this page marker as a gift. Will definitely be making a Totoro one like it for my own purposes. A cat would be super cute too!