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Goodbye Ubuntu One

My heart is broken after reviewing an email from the Ubuntu team stating that Ubuntu One is closing down. U1 was my first introduction to cloud storage I was too lazy to try a few years ago. I have been using it since last summer and have grown to love it. I suppose dropbox will become my substitution.

Though U1 was buggy at times and could have used a better account system (could not log out or link multiple accounts) it was very user friendly. It has worked on all of my devices without any compatability or setup problems. I hope they put it back up in the future. I will continue to use it until June.
One nice thing is they are allowing users two extra months to download their content, more than can be said for the League of Legends team (still so mad about losing my account).


So long, Windows!

I have always dual booted Windows and Ubuntu on my machines, but recently I decided I was confident enough in my Linux abilities to allot my entire disk to Ubuntu. A new OS can require a little work to get up and going the way you like it. I figured to save myself (and maybe even others) a little bit of trouble researching, and make a checklist of the programs I like to get running directly after the new Linux install. This is not meant to be a tutorial, but for personal reference.

The Basics 

  • First things first, updates! If you did not select to get updates when installing ubuntu, go ahead to the update manager for them. Or enter the following into the terminal:

sudo apt-get -qq update

  • Codecs and other important stuff! Go to the ubuntu software center and search for ubuntu extended extras or enter the following into the terminal:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

  • Download your favorite internet browser (mine is Chrome) this can be done by going to the site and downloading chrome for Linux or entering the following:
sudo apt-get install libxss1

[Note for 32-bit systems you will need to replace “amd64” with “i386”]

  • Link to the cloud using ubuntu one. Trust me, it will make your life SO much easier and it’s free! This can be done by visiting this link.
  • I know with Linux you are not as likely to get a virus as with Windows but ClamTk is an awesome antivirus with fantastic scanning abilities. This can be downloaded in the software center.
  • Wireshark is a program used to view packets, very useful for curiousity and security reasons. Available in the software center.
  • WineHQ is another program anyone would find useful. It allows you to run programs that would normally run on Windows, on Linux. This can be downloaded in the software center.
  • I program in Java a lot and my favorite platform is eclipse. To install type the following into the terminal:
sudo apt-get eclipsesudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk openjdk-6-source openjdk-6-demo openjdk-6-doc openjdk-6-jre-headless openjdk-6-jre-lib

&& there you have it. If I later feel that I need to add a few things. So long, Windows!   v