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Women’s Rights, Human Respect

This election and a short conversation with a family member has got me wanting to share my opinion. The country was floored by Donald Trump’s “locker talk”, his racist comments, and his blatant disrespect for virtually all minorities. My heart is broken that America really made a man like that president. There’s more to this life than the pointless bickering, money, laws, and politics. We are all living on borrowed time. We should view one another with love no matter our religion, disability, skin color, sex, or income. We should all agree to disagree respectfully. We should always be humble and remember that all life is life. However, when I look at my Facebook feed or talk to (most) of my friends and family, I come to realize that they share the same negativity.


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I love this man so much. Through the ups and downs he is always here to support me. Through the good and bad he is always by my side. He is an amazing partner, a wonderful father, a phenomenal lover, and a great friend. For years I wished for a love like this, a friendship so raw and real. Now I have it and I’ve never been happier. I look forward to spending the rest of my life next to him.