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3 Hour Shawl: Crochet

I’ve searched far and wide for a shawl pattern that is fast, pretty, and uses minimal yarn. I learned how to do the corner to corner (c2c) stitch from Youtube. The Crochet Corner To Corner Afghan Project video tutorial from The Crochet Crowd. I used c2c for some lovies in the past few months and realized how incredibly fast this stitch worked up. Of course I hit Walmart up for the black Friday yarn sale and got a few giant skeins of Red Heart With Love (370 yards). My grandmother’s birthday is coming up and I had just purchased a jumbo hook. The results were wonderful! I finished this up in three hours. This is a great gift for any occasion but this luscious red would be wonderful for Valentine’s Day!

You can use a shawl pin, button, ribbon, or lace for closure if you’d like!

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Valentine’s Day Crafts


I took a few ideas from the February issue of Parent’s Magazine and put our own spin on them for Marley’s Valentine’s Day crafts. We used the following supplies:

Some items are not visible in the photo including pink yarn, pink construction paper, red construction paper, a paper plate for the paint, and some markers.

I used the ruler and pencil to mark and cut a square from the watercolor paper then drew a light 2×2 grid as a guide for her. The two extra rectangles were used for the bookmarks. After mixing the pink and red watercolors she painted two squares pink, two squares red, then did her own thing on the bookmark papers. While we let the watercolors dry we did the handprint hearts.

We traced four of her hands, three for the door hanger and one for Daddy’s card. We folded one piece of each colored construction paper in half and traced her hand on them with her thumb and index fingers touching the folded edge. Then I cut all four out, let her decorate them, and punched two holes in each. After the papers were dry we used the toilet paper roll to stamp the acrylic paint on them, we had to squash the heart a bit for it to fit on the bookmarks.

Finally, once everything was dry I punched a hole in each corner of the hearts picture, and the tops of the bookmarks. I cut some pink yarn and threaded it through the picture and hands. Viola!